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    Greenville, NC

    From Greenville, where to surf?

    What up everyone? Just moved to greenville, from orlando, where I was for 7 years and surfing up and down the florida coast on some epic swells. Before that lived in Rio- Brazil, there are some sick surf spots by the way. Anyways, just wanna a few tips from the surf community of NC, dont mind the drive.. Thanks

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    Myrtle Beach, SC
    you can make it to the outer banks in about 2 hours....i've surfed florida plenty...jax, smyrna, indialantic, spanish house, the inlet, jenson, stuart rocks...etc..but i've seen S-turns and the lighthouse firing better than some of the sick spots in florida.

    watch this video of the lighthouse...

    Wrightsville and Carolina Beach are also within 2 hours.....just Mapquest around.

    But if you want the best surf, head to S turns dude...

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    wrightsville beach report.....

  4. Bogue Banks is just under two hours south of Greenville - see the daily Emerlad Isle Surf Report at It's probably your shortest car drive from "g-vegas" compared to the Outer Banks and the Wrightsville/Carolina Beach area - obvioulsy the waves are totally different in all three of these general areas so check before you go.

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    S-turns and Frisco, depending on swell direction, wind direction, etc. are definitely your best bets. I live just north of Greenville, and can make it to S-turns in just under two hours. One guy said that WB and CB are only 2 hours, but its more like 3 and a half. I just moved from down there and get down there when i can to see family, and thats how long it takes me. Hope this helps.

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    take 11 to kinston, tun on 41 after the drag stip take that to 241 then get on 40E to the ilm....its really hour and fifty or so, i do it all the time....on second thought go somewhere else the surf in WB sucks....