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    it aint gonna work. get a big guy shortboard with volume and relaxed rocker. rhino chaser,please

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    you need at least a longboard to be sane on the east coast. so many good days go by and too many guys sit on the beach because a longboard is beneath them. If you at least got a log your set. trade those boards in and get a used 9' and learn how to ride that first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripturbo View Post
    it aint gonna work. get a big guy shortboard with volume and relaxed rocker. rhino chaser,please

    And when you do purchase, purchase from an east coast shaper, 'cause this is going to be a shaper who knows the waves where you do most of your surfing.

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    BTW: There's plenty of info posted on this site as to who those shapers are.

    I say stay away from just wandering into a surf shop & asking what board you should purchase. You could all too easily end up with whatever stick that they're trying to move off the floor (like any retail sales outfit does) & not get the right board for east coast water.
    My 2 cents.

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    Well... you've gotten "advice" all right... everything from stick with the gun, go to a log, get a fish, try a shortboard, funshapes are awesome... and the best... don't listen to anything anybody says here. It's official... you have learned nothing. Ha!

    And in the end, I'm still not sure you're talking about a true pintail when you say "pintail." I'll bet you're really talking about a rounded pin. Got a pic? Getting to see both boards might help pointing you in the right direction.
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    +1 on the pic...LBCrew always getting to the point of the it!

    BTW, if it really is a big wave boad...its likely that the wide point is ahead of center, but just a real continuous curve and likely vee'd...can't wait to see the pics. Also, what are the rest of the dims...width...thickness. My assumption is that it will work when it is head high (everything works at that point)...but not really ultra user friendly like a fish, LB, funboard, etc. any other time...but let's see this beast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strange_Flora View Post
    I never post on here, but this information is false. The fish was created to be surfed in fast, lined-up, hollow surf. The fish shape works fine for smaller waves as well, but it really excels in fast stuff. The twin keels, fish tail, wide template with wide point forward and flat rocker all combine to allow for incredible hold on a steep face, effortless speed, and relatively quick rail to rail transition (relative to the width of the board).
    I've only had problems with large peaky stuff where there's just a very steep drop and not much of a line, because A) the drop is sometimes frustrating with the low rocker, and B)when you make the drop the board is so fast that the wave is over before you know it. Also, backside can be tricky I've found.
    By the way, my fish is 5'5" Lis template, twin Gephart keels, about 21 or so wide, 2 3/8 or so thick. I weigh 155 and am about 5'8". It has about 3 1/2" rocker in front and 3/4" or so in back. I've surfed it and had a blast on it in everything from knee high to overhead.
    Sorry to side-track the thread, but I really love fishes and feel that they should be properly portrayed.

    This is a spot on description about real keel fishes. They suck in slow mushy cutback kind of waves, and come alive in speedy hollow lined up walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtythirty34 View Post
    this site gives hopeless advice. Call a shop and talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.

    Do not rely on this site.
    if you take this advice then you are also ignoring this advice. trippy.

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    Ill get the true pictures up this evening. but this is essentially the same board (same dimensions and shaper)

    I'll put the dimensions up later as well.

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    from that pic, that board is not going to work very well on our waves. As state about, a log will be a good addition but not required. a full volume shortboard will work fine for just about anything worth riding. Call it a hybrid fish or whatever, but you are looking for volume (mostly thickness and widths). I'm 6'1" and and 185 and I mostly ride 6'2" boards but in the summer I bump up the thickness to 2.5" and the widths to 20" plus. A local shaper would be able to dial that in for you. Shops are hit or miss. IF you have a good relationship with a shop, then ask for their advise but if you jsut walk into a shop you are most likely going to get sold the most expensive board they have with the claim that 'this kills in our waves'