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    ??? Stewart S-Rail Fish

    Anyone know anything about the Stewart S Rail Fish and how it rides? Found a nice used one, just can't afford to have a custom made right now.

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    I've never ridden one, but the design concept is not new, and works. In theory, what it does is keeps the rail volume low in the tail, but maintains the thickness down the stringer. It makes sense that the low, thin rail through the tail gives release at speed, but holds well on turns. You can sink a thin rail deeper than a thick rail, and that translates into more rail and fin in the water when you lay into hard turn.

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    I have never had a bad experience with a Stewart surfboard. I have a 9 foot hydro hull and it is amazing. I have a custom similar to the board you are inquiring about. It is 7-8 x 22 x 3.25 swallow tail, quad fin and I love it. Superb in everything from waist high mush to overhead powerful stuff. As long as you get the right size for your weight, you should be cool on that board. Heck, even if not, you're buying used so if you don't like it, you can sell it again without much to lose.
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    The board I'm looking at is 6'2", 2.75 Thick. I'm 5' 10" 175lbs, I think this will be good for me.

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    probably so, I'm 6-6 265 so I need a bit more foam

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    2 3/4 is thickkk

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    That board was on brand new for the high $300's. Dont know if its still there, but worth a look