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Thread: WRV Nugget Info

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    The nugget looks pretty sick, I've been checking them out too. It's a similar shape to the CI Biscuit but it's not quite as wide or as thick as the Biscuit so I think it would be a little more performance oriented and probably go pretty good in bigger surf. It would be a good all around East Coast board I would think.

    I really like the look of their new board the Drone, kind of like the Dumpster Diver/Sub Scorcher but seems to be more foam smushed down into a shortboard outline. If I were to pick up a new board off the racks from them it would be one of these two models for sure.
    Yeah the drone looks pretty cool too. Im not sure if its on there website, but Mulhern just came out with another board "The Mullet" thats an exact copy of the dumpster diver. I noticed it when I was in WRV last week. My friends has the dumpster diver and he says its one of the best boards he's ever had.

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    I have one, I really have only ridden it a handful of times, though and in nothing over 4-5 foot, so I can't really answer your question, but I can say the width and thickness make it easy to catch waves and from the little bit of time I've spent riding it, it seems to handle really well. I really like the 5-fin option, haven't tried it as a quad yet, but hopefully soon...

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    the stringer is supposed to be the strong point of the surfboard, comparable to the spine/backbones. My guess is that if the stringer gives/POPS out like what happened to us, the rest of the board will worsen quickly and soon be useless. As to why it happened so fast, I don't know. My only guess is maybe those WRV boards we picked up were glassed lighter than other boards we are used to riding thus aren't as durable. I rode mine probably 2-3 sessions a week for like 9 months until the stringer was clearly popped out, so thats not unheard of but for only 2 sessions, thats messed up. Maybe the wood used in their stringers isn't the highest quality? All I know is my most durable board is a santa cruz which has NO stringer and has stayed in good condition over the last four years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34thStreetSurfing View Post
    i had a stringer pop on a WRV like after the second day... why is that?
    Because WRV glasses their boards sooo thin, like paper, they crack and ding super easy. the same thing happened to mine! that was the last board i will ever buy from them.

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    My Nugget is 6 x 20 1/4 x 2 1/2, and it works great in head high to a couple feet over head surf.

    But you need to take into account the type of wave also. On big, hallow, and fast waves i prefer to ride a different board.

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    Stringers will pop out if you take a really hot board and throw it in cold water. Causes delamination to. Not sure how to remedy doing that since we all take our boards from the car and put them directly into the water.

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    The glass job might not be that bad, it good be a bad batch of foam. I am not sure who WRV is getting their foam from but I would call. If you only rode taht board twice and the stringer popped on it I would get that board back to them ASAP. If its a build quality issue they need to know about it and they also need to fix it and repair any issues within a year that come of the shotty build or blank. The guys at WRV use to make good boards, i use to go thru them to get my Tommy Moore shaped boards when he was with them and the build quality blanks/glass was excellent. I definitly would call them.