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Thread: Gps

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    I'm trying to find a GPS for my dad for father's day, anybody got any suggestions? I'm trying to find a good one that has lifetime map updates and all that other fun stuff.

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    Our Garmon sucks, locks up all the time. Like right when your trying to get around the DC beltway.

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    You may want to think about getting your dad a new phone instead. I have the standard blackberry from sprint, and all sprint phone feature free GPS. I just put my phone on the dash and she talks me through any directions. It also has the real time GPS function, following you on the maps. And also on my googlemaps blackberry app, it has the real time GPS, so as you walk it just follows you with a blue dot.

    So, if he doesn't have a newer phone, I would recommend that. All those apps are directly connected to google and Sprint NAV which are all updated much more frequently than the garmins etc...

    I once wanted GPS, but since sprint has been ahead of the curve, they have made not buying one an easy choice. I have never had it lock up. Its never wrong. Its nice and loud and the display is easy...

    The only issues ive ever had, are when you are leaving Dulles Airport going back to baltimore or Ocean City, they have been doing overpass and on-ramp contruction for years, and the damn GPS always sends you like 30 minutes out of the way heading towards virginia because it thinks the interchanges are still there. They are not. Happened 2 years ago at my brothers wedding and again 3 weeks ago when I was home for my baby shower. But that is a technicality and last time we were using a garmin and it pointed us in the wrong direction....

    Just my opinion.

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    where the fugawi?

    i have a droid (t-mobile) that will do all of that GPS-ing with voice command, so it is hands-free from your request to voice also has a live road traffic map ( out here on freeways it is crucial) to help you choose your route if there are options... and he'll get angry birds too...can't beat THAT. I'm not sure about monthly fees on a GPS, but phone rates are easy to compare online.
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    my dad has a gps andd he despises it. and since we all have droids we use the google maps on the droid way better. i highly recommend just getting your dad a smartphone.

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    whatever you do do NOT get a magellan. I have it and its god awful

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    My sister has a tom-tom, and i have the tom-tom app on my iphone. We both prefer the app on the phone over the unit when we go on road trips.