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    Surf Racks

    How do you avoid that Horrible vibrating noise while driving down the highway! I have a Subaru with a rack on top with two cross bars. I bought two foam velcro pieces from Dakine to go over the cross bars. Then lay the board on top and tie down the front and back with the straps directly to the rack. Everything is real tight and the board is not moving at all. But as soon as I hit 40 MPH it sounds like there's a drill on top of the car. Is there a way to avoid that?

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    Try a half twist on the straps. You're trying to break up the harmonic shudder created by the tension on the straps. The half twist may just break that frequency.

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    Do the twist. The straps hum due to the wind, like making a whistle with paper and pulling it tight when you were a kid. my soft rack hummed like crazy, tried the twist and now its gone.

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    More twists the better.