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    check this presentation by tom wegener at the cardiff patagonia. really good stuff:

    i bought an eps alaia hybrid earlier this year and have been having a blast on it in small surf. very fast and slippery. the foam is a little floatier than a pure wood blank so it's a little more user friendly in crowded line ups but definitely give finless a go if you get the chance. very fun!

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    Thanks for the comments. It always helps to get a different perspective about stuff. It's good to hear some positive stuff and the other stuff is helpful too. If any one has any questions for me just ask, I'm glad to (hopefully) answer whatever you got. I'm glad to share the stoke! Hippy? I don't do drugs or wear tye-dye and all that. Most of my customers are really talented and disciplined people. Hippy or not, who cares? I don't care about trying to " look" throwback- retro or whatever. I just like the ride.
    By the way, if price is a problem, maybe we can work something out.
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