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    What do you think about this alaia thing?

    I'm an alaia rider/builder and just haven't seen many others. I ride mine every session no matter what and prefer it over everything else. Even after 15 years of surfing "modern" boards, I'm totally hooked on the alaia. It's really a ton of fun, I don't get why hardly anyone rides one. It's not really harder, it's just different so it just takes some time to figure it out.

    Is it just too kooky or something? Too hard? Too expensive? Too much investment of time? I don't know... I can't figure it out. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
    Thanks for your honest input,
    Xylem Surfboards

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    Probably the time investment. When your limited on time and the amount of waves, you tend to go with a tried and true. A little trial and board trading is fun. But as you said that may take a little more time. I think I would need to be a better surfer before I tried on of those.

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    I gotta say it's not really that hard. You don't have to be super good to ride one. Any able surfer can figure it out after a little while. Not too good if you're impatient though... Anyway, thanks for your comment, it always helps to get a different perspective about stuff.

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    Ive always thought about getting one but being a poor sob like kaptman said ill go with tried and true. Thought about making one too just never thought of it when im in the garage with the tools and material.