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    Board Painting

    Anyone ever paint over a gloss finish board? What kind of paint did you use?
    I was thinking of using Rustoleum Plastic Paint.

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    Use a green Scuff pad to rough the surface up and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol before you paint and it will stick just fine

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    I usually sand it down a bit with 100 grit sand paper before a i tag it with spay paint. I then put 3 coats of clear coats after I'm done. When you're done you can use 1000 grit sand paper or wet sand paper and it will make it really smooth again.

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    I have and I used like 400 grit paper to lightly scuff the surface and used a small amount of acetone to wipe the surface clean. I taped and masked off the board really good, its amazing where overspray can get. I used the paint that is suppose to stick to platic and whatever and it worked good. I also used just regular ol paint just typical spray paint and it worked just as well, i used this because there were much more color options. ANyway either works fine, just try to use the stuff with a quicker drying time. I used 1000 grit and wet sanded my paint job to smooth out any imperfections and take down the small "edge" i felt from where the tape was (I painted black stripes on top of color so i had several layers of paint from taping off that left a raised edge) I then taped off the board about 6" from where i had color painted so the celar coat would cover over the the edge. I got UV resitant clear coat from a craft store. It was more expensive but it has a UV protectant in it that works well. I put three coats clear on it, and pretty heavy on thee last coat to make sure the thing was sealed and so i could wetsand the board sort of heavy to get it really smooth (my board is painted on the deck so it being smooth under my stomach was important) . I then took off all the tape and masking and wetsanded with 1000 grit again until it was as smooth as the rest of the board. They have gloss clear coat that will match your boards finish. Good luck its definilty a learning process.

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    Thanks for the tips&info. I was curious about how (canned) spray paint would hold up on a deck. I don't like what I had airbrushed on my longboard so it's time to fix that.

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    im looking to do some graphics on my boards soon, have experience with painting/masking/etc but need to know how to wetsand, anyone who can point me in the right direction?