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    Anyone heard of/use a meyerhoffer?

    Im in the market for a longboard...looked at some, but the meyerhoffer stood out to me..does anyone have one and use it?? is it worth it? any advice would be helpful..Thanks
    Pray for surf..

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    Odd shape. Probably surfs ok. Think it was more of a gimmick. Don't see any at all on the beach so don't think its a big deal. I would definately try one out before spending the money.

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    I did some research when they first came out. I recently watched some videos of some people riding and they ride like crap. They look like a really cool design but they are just plain crap. I would look into the pearson arrow cj nelson model. You can get a nice one for 700-850. They have gotten good reviews, the only negative is some complain of the glass job but others say they did not have a problem. I would buy one if I had the cash. The only gsi boards that have worked for me are walden's magic models, and I have a new epoxy one. I probably would not go with a glassed model.
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