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    Quote Originally Posted by scantrons25 View Post
    The old layout was perfect I don't. Understand why it was changed, I have been using this site for years and the inaccurate forecasts bothered me less than this horrible new setup
    You can use the old layout... just click on the Old View link under the forecast location name.

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    im glad we have the option to view swellinfo on the old layout...its good having little greenman back the way he was

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    flash the bigger issue

    I agree, the redesign while interesting overwrites the core strength.
    Why would you do that to a site that is known for being simple and easy?

    I am glad it is actively being developed.
    Why not work on converting the flash graphs to html5,
    so we can actually use them on our iPhones and iPads?

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    Digging the site tweaks following the redesign... most importantly, you've become my go-to for forecasting. Thanks for the great job.