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I was at a conference here in VB that involved a proposed offshore wind farm to be installed off the coast (around the North End area). They have a long way to go, there are a lot of restrictions in the water here: with the shipping lanes, fishing, environmental stuff, and most of all, the military allocated areas. Personally, I dont want it here. Im not really the best wave-ocean-landscape guru, but these wind turbines (and poles) are huge, theres gonna be a lot of offshore digging and trenching, and I dont want it to ruin what little waves we get out here. But that doesnt matter, I think they are at least 10+ years away, and I dont plan to be living here by then. Some speakers also talked about projects they had throughout the mid-atlantic. There is supposed to be a project involving 6 wind-turbines off the coast of Atlantic City, and there were proposed test projects in the MD and DE areas. Plus theres the Cape Wind debacle.

How do you guys feel about this?