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    "Yankee the old saying 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' applies here. It is laudable to have renewable clean energy, but the consequences are rarely thought of.. "

    Yes, that's true. And that's why we have zero energy policy. No one of our 'govt leaders' in the past 40 years, regardless of political party, is actually a leader. They are professional pols ISO more votes & more graft.

    Despite 40 years of not only getting jerked around by the Arab-nations & the lovely Senor Culo in Venezuela, we have strengthened those Arab nations (and thus hastened our own demise by basically economically underwriting the terrorists) by our dependence on petro products & our willingness to pay any price for those products.

    Meanwhile, the planet takes a pounding from our moronic, short-term 'solutions' to the energy crisis that we created & we ultimately pay severe penalties in terms of rapidly growing health issues & the loss of the planet's wildlife.

    Humans are the earth's stewards. And we're doing a f u c k in' lousy job of it.

    I'm just glad that I've lived in the time that I've lived. It truly was the golden era of the USA as well as the planet. The long, slow slide down the slippery slope has begun. Long live Rome !
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    Gigantic windmills.......Really bad bad bad