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Thread: This is bad

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    You must live far from the ocean? I couldnt imagine doing that.... Even 2ft waves keep the stoke alive

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    exactly today in de, it was basically flat and one shore. so i broke out the skim and bodyboard and kept the thought in mind that this beats school! haha we need a hurricane man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bauer View Post
    Seriously I am taking this summer off.. Until we get a descent swell i'll be MTB'ing and swimming/bodysurfing all the Benny's and shoobies can have these summer wind swells to fight over at the ever increasing crowded breaks that we are "allowed" to surf in these 2.5 months. This Winter/spring was epic for me and I am trying to stay stoked even if that means staying off my board till we get some decent swell again. Oh and a trip through nica and salvy will be keeping me sane in JUly...
    Nicaragua... you a*shole!!

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    wow, doesn't even look rideable today. ****

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    same summer bull****. just a different day.

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    everyone seems surprised or something thats its wimpy in mid june. grab a log and go to a southeast facing beach, preferably on incoming tide. aint gonna be "killer" or whatever but itll get ya by