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    USA vs. Mexico Saturday

    Anybody else stoked for a long morning session followed by icy cold cervezas and USA vs. Mexico in the Gold Cup final? I know i am. Pulling for the US, of course, but afraid el chicharito might do us in. Also expecting Mexican fans to way outnumber US fans in the Rose Bowl, but it should be a fun Saturday

  2. The game doesn't even start here(EST) til 9pm... but I am looking forward to it. Maybe a longboard or SUP mornin sess. Then some work then some food and beverages at the NW festival....then the game. I'm a Man U fan so I support Hernadez any day but tomorrow but I do think the US team is starting to gel more as the competition goes. So my hope is USA 2- Mexico 1. We'll see. By the way is this game on reg. cable or only Fox Sports too?

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    Murica!!!!!!!!!!!! **** yeah!

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    I'm glad I'm not the only futbol fan here. I used to play in middle and high school, and occasionally when its flat I'll play.

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    This is the perfect opportunity for immigration services. They can just head over to the Rose Bowl and round up the 90,000 illegals attending the game.

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    I can't wait. All my guys in the kitchen are all from mexico so I have been messing with them all afternoon. I have american flags everywhere. If the U.S. wins, I will be getting a ton of beers, but may have to look over my shoulder while walking to my truck tonight!

    Im excited tho. Got all the bar TVs on it!