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    Yeah, HD television tells no lies. On 3 out of the 4 goals, there were ridiculous oversights and mistakes. On the low grounders that went far post, you could see 3 defenders in slow motion literrally cover their balls with their hands and turn their bodies sideways as the ball passed them, in the box. Howard charged that last goal too early, his bad, but the defenders didnt react quick enough. The far post guy was positioned correctly, but that on-ball defender should have gotten a foot on that. Howard blew that as well. But 1 out of those three goals were really legit, the other 3 were slop goals. I mean, that one just spun in and the mexican striker was 1 inch away from tapping it and getting the offsides called on him...

    Just sloppy soccer. You cant play an amped up mexican team like that. Their pace and intensity was apparent throughout. They were feeding the ball through every open space, spreading the wings, attacking constantly. Makes you question Bradley's status as the coach and makes you question where american soccer is going in the next 3 years. Not in the right direction from what it is looking like. We need speed. We need atheleticism. It is so apparent on these other squads.

    And for defense, do I need to call Eddie Pope out of retirement and have him lock up the backfield? SH**. You are representing your country, you can not be standing like a statue in your own box watching the ball sail by you, hoping and assuming that "howards got that"... Ive seen more effort from my high school and college teammates on any given day or at practice much less the gold cup final. sh**y!