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    Summer on the Opposite Coast

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    Well....hellfire & damnation......saw my first moto board in VB this wknd.

    As predicted: they're here.

    I was trying to surf the weak stuff in the North End on Monday morning with a buddy. Every 15 minutes, maybe, something would come through to ride. We both look up & out about 200 yards to where some dude is paddling his board north. He was really flying across the water. My buddy laughs & says, damn, that dude is cookin'!

    I'm staring out at the guy & yes, he really was moving - - he was zooming so fast that there was spray coming from the front of his board, like a small boat would make. The guy then took a quick break from moving his arms but the board kept cranking. I called out, that's one of those 5 thousand dollar motorized boards!

    That's when the reality smacked us: they're here. They're finally here. And it's only a matter of time before you see them in your lineup, brutha.

    VB will be changed forever.

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    Walden's doing a lot of PR, starting in Hawaii. If he can get positive stuff going there....guess what...

    This quote kills me. Pretty much what to expect in your lineup with this 'innovation:'

    "...he was joined out in the water with his 69 year old mom who body boarded on some pretty sweet waves with a little Wavejet boost."