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    surf lessons oc md

    would any one in oc md give me surf lessons i been trying to learn but i cant quite get it i ride a six foot board i would like some one age 14+ to teach me

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    Check Kcoast:


    Perhaps someone on here would like to give you lessons for a cheaper price?

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    ya thats why i asked on here i cant afford 100$ per hour

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    Hey I don't know if you ever read the surf article in the beachcomber newspaper, but the guy that writes it gives lessons, I think his # is in the paper. You should definately talk to him, he is a veteran in the water, and a friend of mine had lessons from him and was pleased. Pick up a paper and check him out.

    And just some advice, I tried surfing on my good friends shortboard alot and had a tough time, but recently got lent a longboard and it is sooo much easier. Even if you want to eventually ride fishes and shortboards, a log is a great place to start.

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    surf lessons

    I have been surfing for 7 years and have given lessons for a surf shop back home in NJ. I am a senior at salisbury university and If you are interested I can give you lessons for 20$ an hour. You can rent a long board from chauncy and I can give you lessons right on 30th. Let me know if your interested.

    908 783 7802 Dan-

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    today i went for ti again... and i finaly caught on! =] ty for da offer though

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    Surf Lessons

    the first thing you need to do is get yourself a bigger board. The smaller the board the longer it will take for you to pick it up. The wider and longer the board, the more stable it is. I would suggest if you are just starting out, get yourself a board bigger than 7 foot. Possibly a fun board. Once you master it then go back to your thinner faster short board.

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    I started on a 5'7 fish. It took me a long while, but you get the hang of it.
    Try doing some dropknee on a bodyboard. It gives you a sense of balance, without the fear that something hard is gonna hit your head.