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  • Ci fishcuit

    2 18.18%
  • FireWire quadfish

    3 27.27%
  • Lost RNF

    6 54.55%
  • Ci motorboat

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    Heres the deal you stated ou wantted an all around board for our east coast surf. If you're really into a firewire technolgy type board, then you should be considering the El Feugo not the the Quadfish. As others have stated, the Quadfish is more like a "real fish" the old school kind, its not what is considered in the performace board category. HEres the boards to consider based on what you have stated.

    Firewire- El Fuego is a preformance based fishy style stick (in very general and generic terms a fish style stick is a fuller nose on a swallow tail) Performance characterisitcs similar to the RNF. I highly suggest trying a firewire out before purchasing one (most places that sell them have demo boards) because they react different than a standard poly or eps board. It feels different and I never really found the feel for it perssonally
    ...lost RNF I doubt you have any of the RNF Classic models in the shops on the racks i think they are doing those customs only now, so intsead of the RNF Quad or whatever they call them now, you should be looking at getting a Black SHeep model. The drive of a RNF with a bit more performance style rocker like the old RNF classic. Trust me go Black Sheep over the newr style RNF Quad. If you can get your hands on a RNF Classic, do it!

    CI Motorboat THis board should drive and fly in smaller flat faced waves. NIce outline to grovel with and will handle bigger surf somewhat. Havent ridden one but from what i see by holding it, its more of a shin high to chest high wave type board. Nose rocker is really flat in the models I have seen.
    YOu might really also want to consider a CI Flyer or a Fred Rubble both of these boards if thick enough can grovel well enough but are a good all arounder.
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