I know some of you have heard about the explosives found on the beach in ocmd at 50th and 12th street. Does anyone have any info on if there are more? Or how they got into the ocean. It seems like the town dealt with it the best they could, but to have dangers like that right in our playground, AND during our best season, should be taken quite seriously, and being that we are in the ocean almost daily, we in particular should be informed.

The other thing I heard about was the 600 train cars that oc is trying to buy. As of now they said the plan is to build an artificial reef just off the coast. I read an article which said it will greatly benefit the fisherman and ecological aspect... I don't see how putting all that steel in a natural environment such as the ocean can do any good. I was confused because they didn't say a word how it would effect the waves, or our health. Does anyone know if it would effect the waves and conditions one way or another. Cuz if it kills the breaks, there is really no reason for me to stay living here, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would get up and leave if the surf got ruined.

What do you all think?