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    is either free, or low cost.

    ACOE survey's are very precise.. to the foot. Whole area was just done for beach replenishment (nearshore).. and the outer reaches are fairly well surveyed for pumping sand back on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildbillstikihut View Post
    I was wrong, Kelly's reef is just south of little gull and about 3 miles off the north end of Assategue. Purnell's reef is off 28th st.
    From what I've read and after some conversations w/ people around town I'm pretty sure the plan is to add to the existing reef at 28th. But with the volume of cars, I highly doubt thats the only place. One thing for sure is that the plan is to ADD to an already existing structure. This plan is in it's first steps and not much info has been given. I've searched, only vague legalities at this point. But my point of asking this particular question is to bring it to everyones attention so we can do our research as well.

    Thanks for all the response and keep digging because I do believe that something will come out of this in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    i just looked at that chart.

    Its not that deep out there...

    At first I was thinking that was what we call the shoals off the Ocean City inlet, but thats much further out. That place might break on a big long period swell (which rarely happens). Not at Kellys Reef, but just north at Little Gull Bank, where the depths go below 20ft.

    Any mariners here want to verify? or keep it a secret?
    Im no mariner but theres a shoal about 2 miles off state line/no. ocean city that breaks on very large swells...visible from upstairs in fenwick. No idea whats its called.

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    better link... brings up a nautical chart viewer. More detailed surveys are available than this... I'll keep looking.