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  1. Surfing help! (The pop-up)

    I want to become a better surfer! I know you guys will say eat healthy work out, and of course surf more! But I was surfing a few days ago, and I found difficulty doing the \"pop-up\" on my short board! I can get myself up, but I kept falling! I usually don't have trouble with it! An older guy out there told me that I was better at turns and carving than standing up! Any tips on how to conquer the pop-up? Like certain techniques or steps to do it! Please help!


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    Lay down on your stomach with a line drawn underneath you. (A crack, string, line drawn with chalk) Practice "pretend paddling" and popping up in one really fast motion. When you pop up, your feet should land perfectly centered on the string/line below you. If you can do this over and over again to where 90% of the time, your feet land directly on the line, you know that 9/10 times when you try to stand up on your board, your feet will be set right, and you'll most likely land the drop. Hope this helps.