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    last thing, i'll agree it's pathetic to gripe over 2 foot slop, but it's twice as bad to be the loser paddle-battling and snaking the weekend warriors for the same slop. thing is, these problems don't happen near as often when the surf gets head high.

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    Its not about what board you ride, its about etiquette and respect for others out in the lineup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kumachan View Post
    What are you talking about, Rockaway? If someone insists on surfing between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM, there are seven designated surf beaches: Two all year round/all day surf beaches, another two other beaches that are surf beaches in the mornings only, and then the regular weekly rotating surf beach and now the new weekly rotating surf beaches in the West End! Don't be lazy, walk or drive a little further to the next surf beach. Doesn't take much to go to the City of Long Beach website and click on the surf beach schedule.
    I wasnt talking about rockaway, I was talking about what I currently had understood long beach to be like. Everyone I've spoken to who surfs out says they need more beaches. I couldnt care less. I rarely have issues were I surf.

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    was this girl at least cute?[/QUOTE]

    she were flirting, dude!

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    im getting a 10 footer now because im lazy

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    Dude I agree completely! And it's in the Bill of Rights and Lefts! Where has surf etiquette gone?