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    New Surfer needing advice

    Hey Y'all

    So I'm a newby of newbies and just looking for advice. I was lucky enough to recently go surfing in the pacific last year and had a blast. I was lucky enough to pick up a surfboard from a friend a couple of weeks ago and I'm looking to head out again soon. Does anyone have any advice? Places to check out? Once again, I'm VERY new at surfing! Thanks for any help


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    Advice? Take your board to the beach and give it a shot. Keep it up and you will get better. Hope that helps.

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    I'm Texas-based and was in your shoes not long ago, so my $.02.

    Where in Texas are you located? Galveston, Surfside, Port A / Corpus and South Padre all have good spots.

    Find a good beginner-friendly place to start learning. In Texas this is pretty much anywhere other than the spot where all the experienced surfers are congregated - you'll want to avoid them until you get a little experience and won't be a danger / in the way. Just walk down the beach a bit. I started surfing in Port A, and would just walk a few hundred yards down from Horace Caldwell Pier to stay out the way of the experienced surfers there.

    There are tons of resources on the internet re: surfing technique, pointers, etc. Use those. Go to Youtube and look for the "Surf Simply" learning to surf podcasts - lots of good info there. In addition to the technique, make sure you understand the basic etiquette and rules of the lineup, and the safety stuff such as how to get out of a rip current, etc.

    And you didn't mention what kind of board you have, but in my opinion if you're learning in Texas you'll want to start on a 9' - 10' longboard if possible. A longboard can catch the knee-high waves that are common here, and is easier to paddle etc. Learning on a short board is very tough, and a lot of days a short board won't work, esp. in the kind of waves you get on the Gulf coast.

    Arm yourself with some basic knowledge, then go surf and have fun. Good luck!

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    tonylamont, great post. New guy, you may also want to consider renting a board until you find a size that you feel comfortable with. I'm short but stocky so i need a board with thick rails. There's a shop called Kooks where the folks are, in my opinion pretty friendly and helpful. I'm new to Texas surf as well (immigrant from California) and they were very personable and helpful and I rented an 8'1" tri which seems to suit me well. Go surf and have fun.

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    Surfside is known for being a great beginner wave.
    Where do you plan on surfing?

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    move now quick

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    uber noob here as well, thanks for the info. I just want to learn, and not get in the way; just have fun and enjoy being.
    kdlc: apprec., its pretty much what I was expecting; get out and do as much as I can and figure it out.
    As soon as Im out, please dont be shy and give me pointers (
    Ill be sure to have a stocked ice chest; water, Powerade, and a few Corona Lite's )

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    Sounds good, thanks for all the great replies. Actually right now I have a 9' longboard that I picked up for free that I'm going to be taking out soon. Maybe Galveston this weekend, and Port A soon. Any good places in Galveston/Port A that y'all can think of that are good for beginners? Thanks for the help!


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    Also, A friend recently told me he tried surfing San Luis Pass. Has anyone tried that? I don't really know what to look for, but the pass doesn't look to good for surfing to me...Thanks!


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    Oh and one more thing, what are the laws about camping on Texas beaches?

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