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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenlight View Post
    Love how it says 'Design by Robert August' and not 'Shaped by Robert August'.
    Signs of the times
    Yea... on the plus side... decent design for a small to medium wave longboard. Nice gloss and polish job, and a cool retro paint job. On the minus side... that little concave didn't do much for me in terms of generating lift for noseriding, and a 9'0 would be a little short for me... I like 'em 9'2 to 9'6. My brother-in-law has one, which I had a chance to ride last weekend, and I was surprised how lightly glassed it was. Good for cranking it around in small surf (hence the 2+1 option), but in terms of durability... less than ideal. The thing was repaired in at least a dozen places. Not surprised... typical "disposable board" pu/pe construction. Like Brian said, "sign of the times."

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    Robert August boards are not what they used to be for sure. I'd take a Nolte, Legend, Wynn, or Austin over a August any day. $650 to $750 max unless you get lucky.