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  1. Surfboards for sale!!!!

    Well once again I have acquired too many surfboards and is time for a big sell off so I can buy more, i think i am an addict haha. Here goes the list:

    Al Merrick 5'4 Biscuit $275 (SOLD)
    MGS 5'9 Flyboy $225 (SOLD)
    Lost Rock Up 5'11 $385 (SOLD)
    Xanadu 5'10" Fish $200 (SOLD)
    Uncle Mikes 5'8 X-Fish $200 (SOLD)
    Austin Figjam Bonzer 9' $625 (SOLD)
    Rick Lantz 7' South Side Single Fin Brand New $400
    Vintage 6'6 Waterbrothers Single Fin w/Airbrush $275 (SOLD)
    Vintage 6'2 Tom Overlin Single Fin w/ Airbrush $275
    Vintage Bayside Single Fin $350
    Vintage Velzy 9'6" $400 (SOLD)

    Let me know what you want and if you have any questions! All boards are located in Lewes, DE
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    You have pics of the Biscuit!

  3. I don't now, but will post them up tomorrow!

  4. Also have a bunch of wetsuits men & youth.

    Oneill Psycho 2 6/5/4 Size MD $125
    Ripcurl Ebomb L/S Short Size MD $50
    Billabong Foil 4/3 Size MD $45
    Ripcurl Classic Shorty Size XS $25
    American Wave Size 8 & 12 Shorties $15 ea.
    Ripcurl Classic 3/2 Youth Size 14 $35
    Body Glove Youth Shorty Size 12 $15
    Hyperflex Wetsuit Top Size MD $15

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    let's see that biscuit

  6. It looks like a biscuit, but with heal dings on the deck just like every other used merrick haha. But i will have pics up tomorrow, the board is over at my shaping facility so I won't get to it until tomorrow. Thanks for the interest someone better buy it haha

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    interest in the velzy. can you tell me a little bit about the board. obviously it has seen better days. how many unhealed wounds? i have never owned a longboard but am looking to pick one up. is this a noserider? longboard for bigger waves? you say its vintage. from what year? thanks.

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    That Velzy is probally late 60's to early 70's. It actually looks in very good shap. With a nice 50/50 rail and the fin set back this looks like a great noserider. 400 dollars is giving it away imo

  9. Has a couple of dings from use, but nothing major. This board is from around 1965, so if you wonder what it rides like just watch the first Endless Summer haha. If you never had a longboard before this isn't the board for you, its more for collectors/retro riders, would be a little harder to get the hang of. The austin i have for sale would be more of what you are looking for, but if you want the Velzy i will be more than happy to sell it to you.
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