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Cool? I don't know about "cool," brother.... not sure I even know what cool is these days... but it sure as he!l ain't boring. I know you're talking about the website, and not the actual act of surfing, but if I didn't have a longboard in my quiver, I'd be missing out on a lot of fun, especially during the summer. I'll reach for my longboard 5x more often than my shortboard from about the end of May till hurricane season starts. Even the fish gets more action than my shortboard. IMO, shortboards are for when the surf is good. I'll take a speedy nose trim over a forced, jerky top turn on a thigh high peeler any day. Every time I take out a shortboard on a small day I end up asking myself, how many one foot lip smackers do I need? There's no adrenaline rush in that for me.
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