Well, this sucks.

I've torn the ATF and CF ligaments in my right ankle a few times over the last 10 years, the most recent being Memorial Day weekend when I fell in an inshore hole. (STFU and stop laughing, I can hear you).....

Yesterday after a nice weekend of boogin', I noticed that my right ankle and foot was a bit swollen and slightly tender to walk on. I stuck my TENS unit on it and iced it for the night. It was still a bit tender today, so I called my orthopedic surgeon, who squeezed me in for an appointmet and an MRI at the hospital.

The ligaments are pretty shot, there's a lot of scar tissue and there is some tendonitis in there. I have to have it surgically repaired, and I'll be out for 4-6 months.

I'll be having surgery in December, after my Bahamas vacation.

Here's just one of the many sucky things about this. My OS told me that he'd like me to stay out of the water (but he knows that I'm not going to, being that I only have a limited amount of time left). I have to wear a brace all the time now. I also can't wear fins anymore, because the action of finning is too stressful on the severely damaged ligaments. He also doesn't know if he wants me wearing fins after the surgery, because even though swimming with fins is good therapy post surgery, using them in the ocean isn't. They want you to use them in a pool.

Suck ass!

I finally found fins that I really love, and are comfortable on that foot and work well - Kicks and Laguna Neofins, and it took me half a lifetime and a million pairs of fins to find them.

Does anyone else have any experience with ankle ligament injuries??

I refuse to be stuck in waist high and less surf for the rest of my life because I can't wear fins.