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    Surfing santa monica

    Going to CA next month, wondering if anyone has been and can recc. a good place to surf? I'll be in the LA, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach area. Are there any good shops to rent a board? Gonna be there for a week and don't know if its worth the hassle or the money to bring my own.Want to make the trip awesome so any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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    oh yeah,

    try & meet Solomon in the early morning & give him your testimony if you're real
    look for his peaced out VW van

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    maxed out w/ properly marinated bumper stickers...

    I actually caught Venice Beach knda firing this past Febuary & March a couple times my first visits...

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    look for Kalani Robb yo & steer way clear of the rocky jetty

    ...maybe Mollusk surf shop rents boards, drop Brett from Gum Surfboards' name in there if ya do, reminds me I'm gonna be by there soon again; must get a righteous single fin from there ASAP.

    be much better kick'n it about the skatepark w/ Shane B. on Volcom, this kid here:

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    these sk8 cats, Lars & company...

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    or poach off the camera guy

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    who shoot for the