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    Thumbs down Delaware Surf

    Now I must admit, it has been a while since I surfed in Delaware, but it just seems that there are no spots left that work on a 2-3 foot day. The sand is so messed-up with pumping, that shorebreak is everywhere.

    I just searched for two days to find a secret spot, only to be very disappointed everywhere I went- from south Bethany to naval jetties.

    I'm not doubting the existence of ridable spots, but I couldn't find a thing. Major dissappoitment!!

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    just keep going south.

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    youre looking for a secret spot in delaware?????????? youre 20 years late bud. sand moves all the time and when its better than 2ft and 6sec you can surf some spots but i agree with the admin, just keep moving along i think o c will welcome you with open arms. or go to new jerkey where they think laying out mud monkeys in the water is cool.

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    People poop in del/md too.

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    I'm heading to Delaware for the first time in years and would appreciate some input on where to go within 30 min from Bethany. How bad is indian river?

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    They think laying out mud monkeys in the water is cool. That is funny!!!
    Last decent swell at the inlet, was like Times Square on New Year's Eve! I shot up to Towers, not as crowed but it was dumping pretty hard. 30 minutes of Bethany, you could check OC or DE, or both within that amount of time. Good luck

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    How bad is indian river?
    I had never been to IRI before because of it's reputation for crowds, so decided to check it out several weeks ago on a dawn patrol. Forecast called for thigh-waist. There was definitely a little bump in the water, however, the problem was the wave never actually broke -- it just surged onto the shore.