So I went surfing for the first time with my wife's girlfriend's Dad. I used his board...a 7' 10\" x 21 1/2 (I think), x 3 1/4\" Nolte fun board. At first he was pushing me into the waves and by the end of the session I was paddling myself when he told me to and standing up. I couldn't really turn...just kind of rode straight toward the beach until I fell off or until the board stopped going forward.

Then we went again a few days later and this time I was doing everything myself, sometimes with his direction and sometimes not. I was able to turn into the face and actually ride the face one time and almost did another time. All the others were the same as the first session...riding straight towards the beach.

So now I want to surf whenever I get a chance. I recently bought a 6' quad fish for kite surfing strapless, which I've still yet to try, so I've got that board but I'm thinking it'd be better to get a longer board to learn on and to have it for the smaller stuff. The guy told me I could borrow his board, which I plan to, but eventually I'm going to get my own. Since I'll be learning on his fun board would it be better to get another one of those or should I consider a long board? Will a long board catch more waves than a fun board? That's important to me because I plan to do dawn patrols before work regardless of the tide just to get some water time...or is disregarding the tide an act of futility? Speaking of dawn patrols, I'd like to Surf at 1st street but don't want to get in anybodies way while I'm learning. Is it crowded there at all between 5:30-7:00 a.m. ?

Any other advice is welcomed as well.

Thanks in advance,