I hope it wasn't anyone on this site. A few little punks were stealing out of driveways in an affluent beach town this past weekend. I know the guy whos pro camera was stolen from his car along with some other stuff. Apparently a surfer found the goods and turned them in to the police. The victim of the theft was very grateful. He's a good friend of mine.

To the "surfer":
Mad props my brother. This is the good news I've been hoping to hear for a while. Our "tribe" needs more people like you. You did the right thing and the Karma will return to you ten fold. I hope to meet you some day in or out of the lineup. Keep on keepin' on.

To the "punks":
Judgement day is coming real fast. Change you ways now or Karma will kick you in the ass so hard, you'll wake up getting raped in prison. Watch your back....cause the cops are the least of your worries. YOU"VE BEEN WARNED!