I'd like to see an overall view of projected surf conditions at all spots within a given region (Gulf Coast, Florida East Coast, etc).

In a single view, one could see where the best waves in an area are predicted to be on a given day/time (or maybe broad segements of times of day 6am, 9am, Noon, 3pm, 6pm). Ideally with the ability to scroll though times/dates and watch the changes in predictions.

The obvious benefit to surfers would be that we could select the best location in our region quickly. Maybe your ad sales department could target hotels, restaurants, surf shops, etc. in the locations where the best surf in a given region will soon be.

Just a suggestion- I'm sure you guys have enough going on.

The site looks better than ever and your prediction was almost perfect in Pensacola the other day which allowed me to score a few gems.

Keep up the great work!