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View Poll Results: Who are you planning on voting for in the 2012 presidential election?

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  • Barack Obama

    25 36.76%
  • Mitt Romney

    5 7.35%
  • Ron Paul

    26 38.24%
  • Michele Bachmann

    1 1.47%
  • Herman Cain

    4 5.88%
  • Newt Gingrich

    1 1.47%
  • Tim Pawlenty

    2 2.94%
  • Rudi Giulliani

    1 1.47%
  • Rick Perry

    0 0%
  • Sarah Palin

    3 4.41%
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    Quote Originally Posted by LOSTsoul View Post
    WOW......put down the kool-aid kiddo!

    Yes things were in rough shape for Obama from the get go..but instead of governing in a way to fix things...he's governing like the idealouge (spelling?) that he is. I think most people realize that. If you believe his plan of large centralized govt is the way to go..then you vote for him. If you feel all warm and fuzzy for voting for \"history\"..then go ahead vote for him. Unless you're (people in general) a hard core liberal or totally blind as to what is happening in Europe I can't see why anyone would vote for \"big govt, power from the top down, nanny state, give me your money, public union shake down\" democrats. If you're a committed liberal/democrat you will vote for Obama anyway...good luck with that.

    I completely agree with this quote. The status quo hasn't helped me or my family for decades. I'm for any candidate who goes against the status quo and wants to shake up Washington. Whoever gets in office needs balls. They will have to get rid of the Patriot Act, arrest the past two Administrations for entering a war without the approval of Congress (declaration of war) and for war crimes (torture), arrest all the Wall Street cronies since they are the lowest scum on earth and robbed us of billions of dollars (govt and the FED also need to be tried for this), completely abolish the FED for messing around with interest rates and running a freaking printing press completely devaluing are money (Greece here we come), arrest the FED board members for manipulating the markets and using all our fed tax dollars to pay for the interest (which goes in the private bankers who own/run the FED pockets) on the printed paper the FED loans to the govt and finally illegal immigration (illegal is the key word here).

    Illegal immigration really needs to be looked at and all these politicians are afraid. They want to give Amnesty like dumb Obama because they will get those votes. Give me a break. Spend the money to put up a fence, end birth right for illegals, and deport them. They cost us billions of dollars a year in food stamps (yes once they have child on our soil), welfare, free healthcare, most jobs they don't pay taxes, free education which requires more teachers to be bilingual, housing them in the prison system, also we don't have any idea of the past/criminal history of these peoples. One illegal just raped someone two towns over from me and he has a past record in Mexico. Deporting the illegals that broke our immigration laws will help this country more economically than any other method. We will recover billions. Rent prices are really high in towns near me because these slumlords rent to 20 mexicans who split the rent. They are breaking the code enforcement occupanys laws with this many people and broke the law coming here. This keeps rent prices high and ****s everyone else. My brother who rents with his girlfriend and obeys the occupany laws (2 people in apartment) have to split the $1,500 a month rent compared to having 20 people split it. Since they are really stealing from us and taking our tax dollars, I should be able to steal from their pockets and rob them. It's only fair since illegal doesn't mean anything anymore. Also, hospitals continue to shut down because they have to give free treatment to illegals (please google how many hospitals have closed down) and the lines will get longer until you have to drive 1 hour to an open hospital. I'm so happy this country is turning into a third world country. The majority don't even speak English anymore.

    Then, the govt has to cease unemployment and welfare. This will make people who just live on the system their whole lives not feel entitled and actually take the jobs left by the deported illegal immigrants.

    That's it but it will never happen. It's just a dream which will diminish once the next piece of **** gets in office. I now accept that. I've started a landscape company, learned Spanish and I'm living with 20 of my workers.

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    These threads always turn out civil

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    It's funny how seeing people buying groceries with food stamps that drive escalades will bring out your inner republican

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
    It's funny how seeing people buying groceries with food stamps that drive escalades will bring out your inner republican
    +1 ....

    I actually do have that inner Republican going on sometimes...

    And for the guy who thinks it's all about KoolAid.

    All I'm sayin', sparky, is that whoever went into office in 2008 was going to do pretty much what Obama has done. Bailouts, vote-pandering moves, printing presses 24-7 making Benjamins & then purchasing our own debt. There's no way McCain would have let AIG & Wall St fail. No WAY. All the pols have deep deep ties to the financial firms. Just look at the Treasury Dept chief when W was in office. Goldman Sachs all the way, just like today.

    And, by the way, the Congress was a-ok with all this crazy spending, amigo, right up until now - - now being the time right before elections. Sure, and now, they're all righteous & pious & screaming about how the spending has to stop. WTF ? That's all Congress DOES is spend taxpayer money on stupid projects & multitudes of insane laws.

    I'd like to hear what the bashers who rant & rave would do. Instead of ranting with goofy statements & bashing 'W' & Obama & the system: tell us, wise owl, what would you have done? And then prepare for laughter from the rafter, that's all I can promise....

    Because the whole thing was out of hand a long time ago. The birds have come home to roost now & no one likes it one bit. But everyone was so happy (on Kool Aid, perhaps...?) when they were getting mortgages just by signing their names & gasoline was a buck a gallon & a friggin' bell pepper didn't cost 3 dollars.

    It's an impossible situation. No one pol is gonna solve it.

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    balance budget and term limit amendments are a good first step.

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    I know one thing for sure, NJ isn't even a swing state. NJ was always red on the poltitical map, and always will be. Watch the political forecasting maps months before we even vote. I bet you all can guess what color NJ will be.

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    KS10 for '12

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    The only thing "W" is guilty of, is doing such a bang up job that the ensuing political fire storm got us Obama and a lefty Congress!

    I'm not gonna get dragged into a left vs right rigamaroll. It goes nowhere. Watch the world around you and make informed decisions......Happy voting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOSTsoul View Post

    I'm not gonna get dragged into a left vs right rigamaroll. It goes nowhere. Watch the world around you and make informed decisions......Happy voting!
    This is what is wrong with the system. Nothing will ever get accomplished. If we (The people) got to vote on these budget talks, it would be 99.999 % go-ahead to let W's tax cuts expire on big oil and the top 2% of earners. Why don't our congressmen act accordingly? Because they are so deep in the pockets of the oil companies and big business that the reason they got elected (the interest of the people) went straight out the window. I'm voting for Ron Paul because while he may say some crazy stuff, he isn't up either party's ass and he isn't afraid to say the "wrong" thing!

    And however it works out, GOD BLESS USA

    and maybe i'll write in Gerry Lopez for prez. That guy is like the gandolf of surfing, so full of wisdom and badassery!
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    You're right that both parties are owned by Wall Street. An independent would make the most sense. End the FED. All they do is run a printing press. Congress can coin our money which would prevent us paying interest to the FED. That would save us a great deal of money right there because our federal income tax wouldn't practically be zero because the majority of it goes to the interest on our debt. No interest from the Fed essentially means a fed income tax isn't required. This is a primary step to economic freedom from FED enslavement.

    Balancing the budget, revoking the patriot act, illegal immigration and taking away dictator powers from the executive branch should all be addressed. Only Congress can declare war, not the President. We have seen the prior two Presidents declare war themselves which is illegal and a very dangerous trend.

    These are all important things which will help us restore this country. As for mortgages, I always put more than 20% down which should always be required. Too many people got houses they couldn't afford. If you can't put 20% down for a house, you have no business buying it. You can't afford it. Govt needs to stay out of the housing market completely and let it correct itself. Let these housing prices fall and responsible people can buy the houses at the prices that they should really be valued at.