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  1. Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    Motivated 2 surf, you actually think Obama had more credibility than Palin to be president? I don't really like Palin, but i cannot stand Obama. At least Palin was a governor. Your comment is ignorant and dumb.
    Palin was a 1/2 term governor. She didn't even finish that job. She resigned to avoid a conflict of intrest/ethics investigation. It was going to be a bipartisan investigation.

    She is known in Alaska as the quitta from wasilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatswell View Post
    you're right none of the candidates have that. obama does though? everyone has to put a spin on things, and tell people they are uninformed to tear down someone who thinks obama is awful.
    sorry, i meant all candidates and Obama have none of that. my bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatswell View Post
    i hope a couple of those comments back weren't your generic ''can you do a better job than obama?'' i heard enough of that during bush, and it's such a copout question. can i run the country better than obama, and his administration? probably not. i'm not getting paid over $420k grand a year to do that, i didn't run in an election, and get over half of the countries vote, so no i hope that i can't. it's just like someone saying for instance in sports take hockey for example. ''man john maclean did a really poor job coaching the devils looking back on it. look how jacques lemaire turned the team around'' ''what? stop criticizing! could you have done any better? could you have coached the devils to the playoffs''? no i couldn't have, but i'm not getting paid a few million a year to do that. it's not my expertise so therefore i'm a critic.

    i can't say anything more about obama that hasn't already been said multiple times in this thread so far by multiple posters. i'm not even a conservative, but now i guess i'm not much of a liberal either right? it turns out that way. things like gay marriage, and other social issues, and the wars in iraq, and afghanistan, and this bs over in libya thanks to obama. those things i don't share a conservative view on. fiscal things i'm starting to. i owe over $46k grand now as a citizen to this runaway debt. do i want my taxes going up? no. talk about a paycut. i can afford to pay a few more, but why should i have to? i hope obama does raise taxes though on everybody. just so everyone will be pissed. then he has no chance in 2012.

    like i said i'm not the most conservative, but it's time to wake up. the clash were one of my favorite bands if not just for their first two albums. joe strummer was an admitted socialist probably until the day he died. the dead kennedys, and bad religion ironically are two of my favorite bands. that doesn't mean i take their lyrics as gospel. i would hate to hear jello biafra's opinion on obama. i'm afraid he just like many other old punks are still being duped by obama. ''obama is the only real change, and impact this country has ever seen!'' what change? what impact? a nation in bankruptcy?

    like i said i won't belittle anyone for voting obama. it's your right, and i don't wanna influence anyone. just stating how i feel. i do hope that what's going influences voters though. i can't get over that 14 people have made up their mind about voting for obama in 2012. almost half the votes went to obama. i really don't know who can fix the problems we have. i don't have faith in anyone. obama hasn't done anything. time to vote him out. someone said earlier 7 trillion in debt from bush over 8 years to 4 trillion to obama in 2.5. you aint kidding about that. obama's deficit in 2.5 years doesn't compare to bush's in 8 years. at this rate obama would be at almost 13 trillion in 8 years! i wasn't a fan of bush. bush wasn't even a true fiscal conservative, and i still can't get over the wars he started. obama though was just the biggest flop. he looked really good campaigning, and you can't trust everything a campaigning politician says, but you can't trust anything obama says. he's proven that.
    Almost exactly how I feel... well said

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    I don't think Obama has done all that he said he was going to do and he spent quite a bit of money, but I do have to say that I think his heart was in the right place when he was running for president. Not defending him, but the republicans stated when he got into office that they would do everything in their power to see that he failed. This doesn't help us at all, the more bickering and opposition, the less things get done and the people who suffer are us. I will say one thing about Obama, he made the call to put a bullet in Bin Laden's head and that's more than I can say for Bush. You can't expect any president to make up for the disaster Bush got us into in 3 years...jackass got us into two wars that should have never taken place...ask yourself honestly if Hussein was a threat to we are up to our eyeballs in debt spending trillions of dollars helping out countries who have surpluses...Does that make any sense?
    What threat is Quadaffi?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????

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    Thumbs up notable reading

    It’s a curious definition of “negotiation” that one should do it my way, or else. Why bother to talk, at all? That is just the blunt use of power. The offer that one can’t refuse, the horsehead in the bed, a hint from the Godfather of things to come, unless………. Yet there they are in D.C., the House “negotiating” over the debt limit, so long as things go exactly their way and there are no tax hikes. A reasonable solution that includes some ratio of reductions in spending to increases in revenue, or even factoring in changes over specified years, is non-negotiable. Now let’s negotiate.

    Hard to do more than shake your head.

    And then, to add to the merriment, comes Michelle Bachman. It’s hard not to see her as a clown, but reporters I trust, such as Matt Tiabbi, say that her influence should be taken seriously and that she campaigns well, so watch out. I guess I should see her as a clown with one of those long pistols that pops a flag out that says “bang,” but simultaneously shoots bullets. She says, “Oh, debt ceiling, debt schmeilling.” They (the White House, Moody’s, the IMF, Wall Street) are lying to us. No biggy, just pay the interest. The world would be happy with that. I’m sure, Michelle.

    I am far more naïve than cynical, and if I start to doubt motivations and look for sinister reasons, that’s a bad sign. Kurt Vonnegut said that the white man conquered North America due to his (our) sheer capacity to astonish. We said to the Indians, “we’re going to kill all of your buffalo,” to which they replied, “oh, you’re just joshin’,” then stood there slack jawed as we did just that. I would be slack jawed, too. This comes to mind when I start to wonder if the Republicans would really (really?) be willing to crash the world’s economy just to get Obama out of office and a Republican in the White House. Mitch McConnell, (R. Dark Ages) has said that this is his highest priority. Guess the country’s interests have to wait in line, eh, Mitch? Nothing to do but watch. Thank God, Buddha, Fate, Thor, whatever, that I am not in Congress. Bad enough to feel helpless, but both helpless and responsible? Gheesh.

    What is lost in this is a non-political view of things. Bill Clinton noted that the R’s don’t want to raise taxes, since this would slow economic growth, something to avoid at a time of recovery, and they are right in this, he acknowledged. The D’s might be willing to trim, but don’t want to gut a social safety net, education, Medicare and unemployment because the long term and system consequences are dire (and it’s wrong), and they are right. He proposed factoring in both solutions over a period of years, no taxes now, some cuts, but not drastic ones, with additional revenues added as the economy improves, and further cuts gradually phased in. Made sense to me.

    But people want to get re-elected. That sounds self-serving, but it does reflect the desire to do what voters want, and that’s the basis of democracy. You voted me into office to spin straw into gold, Tea Party, and, Dagnabit!, that’s what I am going to vote for. Elect a follower to Congress! I can see the campaign mottos now—“She can pander like no one else.” “He will please at any price.” “I won’t tell you anything that upsets you or asks for sacrifice.” That approach sure would have made the Nazis happy. Remember leadership?

    These are complex questions, but not beyond the average voters comprehension (assuming, of course, that the 35% of adults in Detroit who are illiterate, according to one study, don’t vote). Try this: “Mom and Dad were in a car wreck and can’t work full time. We have less money coming in. We have to cut back—way back-- on what we spend, but even then won’t have enough to keep our family safe, so we have to borrow. Getting up to full speed is taking them a little longer than we thought, but they are trying and slowly improving, but we have to borrow more from Uncle China to pay the MasterCard bill. If we don’t, and borrowing is the only solution right now, then we are telling the credit card people that we are a bad risk and that won’t be pretty. We have faith that we can pay it off, particularly since we are cutting back and the folks are working a bit longer hours now. If we just cut expenses, then the folks can’t afford to buy medicines or go to the doctor, and they will take longer to get better, if ever. Then we’re really in the ditch.” Simple, yeah. Kinda works, tho’, don’t ya think?

    My view of this is not at all made less bright because of the Yakima Bears in last place, 7 games out behind Boise, not to mention the Mariners. I guess the solution is to cut back on paying more for good players so they will win, and then sell more tickets. Better to trim costs and lose, don’t you think?

    But on the bright side, there are wonderful moments.

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    Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.

    Robert Heinlein

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    your premise is faulty in so many ways it baffles me. first off, your whole post is based on the notion that things are (slowy) improving. They are not. Inflation is rising, unemployment is rising and the housing market is a disaster. People are fed up which is shy the 2010 election was a huge mandate to stop and cut the out of control spending in DC. This is precisely what the House is doing...following it's mandate from the people.

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    Seriously, we just need to be ready to cut the spending. That's it. It won't get better overnight but it will be a start. (NO more special programs!) If you don't work or unwilling to work then you don't eat! No more welfare! IT's called "get a job". We ALL need to hunker down and accept that things are not going to be the way we are used to them. CUT the spending! Balance the budget.

    If you had a credit card, which some of you do (I don't) and you were maxed out and unable to make your minimum monthly payment, would you call the credit card company and plead with them to raise your limit? NO! you wouldn't! You would stop buying crap and start paying down the prinicple (not just make minimum pmt or pay the interest). Don't raise the debt ceiling!

    That's what we need to do. Stop spending money we don't have, bring manufacturing back to the US. Don't get me started on illegals. Then cut taxes (NOT raise them)! When the government cuts taxes they end up bringing in more in... you guessed it, TAXES than when they raise them! If anyone wants to know how, take an econ class then we'll talk.

    I know this guy Bob. He's a carpenter and I swear this guy could run the country better than the past three presidents. These guys who have the money to run for office are milionaires many times over. Do you think they know or even care what it's like to be in the middle class? No! Get someone from the middle class in there (will never happen) and I bet this country would have a fighting chance.
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    first thing before social programs we need to cut is foreign aid. all of it. no offense japan, but you're actually probably doing a little better than us right. haiti i have sympathy for, but the people really aren't living any better than before the aid was sent to them. they're still in poverty. aid to pakistan is a joke. i think we should cut it off to israel too. we can't take care of our own people why should we take care of them? i've still never seen a proposal to cut down foreign aid by either side yet. we can't afford it. then when we got a natural disaster over here fema says there isn't enough money in budget!

    seriously though cut out the foreign aid, cut out the 96 weeks of federally funded unemployment, cut out every subsidy to other countries like these pickle farms, and crap, and cut out all this epa bs, and the stupid experiments like the shrimp on the treadmill. last which this is a fat chance, but last cut down the politicians benefits. make them pay into their health care like the people do. even federal workers in the post office, and other federal sectors have to pay in! they should too. also if they raise the social security age, then they also need to raise the age of when a politician can collect a pension, or raise the number of years they need to serve. neither side wants to do this though cause they're all fing crooks.

    lastly. stop obamacare. repeal it, but don't just repeal it, and end it all right there. create tort reform. enact something to reform the health care so people don't have to pay ridiculous prices for their health care, and do something to curb the costs. obamacare didn't curb the costs, and it's making them go up by at least 12% every year. this whold thing is a crime. ''we have to pass it so you can see what's in it''. i don't know if tort reform will solve this, but hopefully it can. then maybe the poor can be insured at reasonable prices, and those with pre existing conditions. if tort reform happens, and companies are still charging ridiculous rates, some companies will cut their rates, and then the others will have to also or risk losing all their business, because of the competition.

    so stop all of this immediately. it won't end the whole deficit, but i'm sure you would be surprised. then maybe social security checks don't have to be cut or threatened. i hope all the seniors pull their vote for obama. he hasn't given them a raise since he's been in office! 09 was the last time, and obama hadn't been sworn in yet. obama has started so many other entitlements which need to also be cut as well. excessive unemployment benefits, cash for clunkers which was a joke. used car industry still hasn't recovered from that, stimulus, homeowner refinancing, all this stuff to excuse underwater mortgages. i know people have tough times, but just let it go. a lot of other people are doing that in foreclosure. the government has spent so much money bailing out homeowners as well as other companies.

    one last thing ben bernanke is nothing, but a giant **** with ears. this joker was appointed by bush, and kept by obama. this guy is dangerous. same with geithner who has cheated on his taxes more than once. yes tim giethner is a fraud!

    to end it though i still can't believe obama has gotten 16 votes. over a third of people. don't let me sway you though, and i do wanna make clear that i do not watch fox news, and never have. you don't need to watch fox news to understand what's going on!

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    Ron Paul and Obama neck and neck... I hope these are actually my choices in November 2012. I have been unimpressed by the obama administration until the last few months. If Obama keeps making statements about doing things that would benefit THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE (the middle/working class) rather than just the welfare mammas and the billionaires, then he MIGHT just get my vote after all. The next few weeks will really paint the picture...