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    Need some board suggestions:

    Need some group wisdom - getting back into it and need some specific board suggestions
    I need a general purpose longboard for Delaware to OC. Good to learn on again ; easy to catch waves but not a total log. I'm 5'9" 170lbs
    A Yater 9'4" HP 3fin is available to purchase at a good price but is this a little to much for me at this stage. (Just starting to stand up)
    Please suggest specific boards that worked for you or worked for someone you know.

    Thanks - your remarks can really help me out at this point
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    My friend just got a Walden Mini Magic at the beginning of the summer and the thing is amazing. It can turn really aggressively and can still be ridden to the nose. Walden also makes a bigger Magic that is 8' + with the same characteristics.

    If you are looking for a great feeling, turning board while maintaining the longboard character, I'd go with one of those. I see more and more of them in the water, so other people must like them as well.

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    I have a 9'-2" magic model that is perhaps the best long board I've own. You could get away with one a tad shorter. Also, taught my son to surf on a 7'-0" mini magic that worked out perfect for him.. The epoxy models are very light and durable, you couldn't go wrong with one.

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    I have a HUGE 10'6" Walden Majic. Look forward to breaking it in this coming spring.

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    A Channel Island water hog or any generic egg 7'6" and up would work well for learning

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    Definately look for something with a wide deck, that will make it a good bit easier once your up. Some longboards are still rather skinny and they can be hard to handle at first.