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    Need some board suggestions:

    Need some group wisdom - getting back into it and need some specific board suggestions
    I need a general purpose longboard for Delaware to OC. Good to learn on again ; easy to catch waves but not a total log. I'm 5'9" 170lbs
    A Yater 9'4" HP 3fin is available to purchase at a good price but is this a little to much for me at this stage. (Just starting to stand up)
    Please suggest specific boards that worked for you or worked for someone you know.

    Thanks - your remarks can really help me out at this point
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    My friend just got a Walden Mini Magic at the beginning of the summer and the thing is amazing. It can turn really aggressively and can still be ridden to the nose. Walden also makes a bigger Magic that is 8' + with the same characteristics.

    If you are looking for a great feeling, turning board while maintaining the longboard character, I'd go with one of those. I see more and more of them in the water, so other people must like them as well.

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    I have a 9'-2" magic model that is perhaps the best long board I've own. You could get away with one a tad shorter. Also, taught my son to surf on a 7'-0" mini magic that worked out perfect for him.. The epoxy models are very light and durable, you couldn't go wrong with one.

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    I have a HUGE 10'6" Walden Majic. Look forward to breaking it in this coming spring.

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    A Channel Island water hog or any generic egg 7'6" and up would work well for learning

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    Definately look for something with a wide deck, that will make it a good bit easier once your up. Some longboards are still rather skinny and they can be hard to handle at first.

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    Is there any one in central jersey that has a 6' 2" baby or rounded squash spyder short board they want to sell. (it doesn't have to be spyder) but def. a light and narrow speed finish.

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    Walden magic model 9-0 by bordworks.
    Great all around board for the mid atlantic. Floats and paddles well, easy to catch waves, durable, pretty much does it all for the beginner or intermediate surfer.

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    learning (or-relearning) on a longboard is way overrated IMO - especially for mid atlantic areas, where waves are short and steep. Nobody really even thought about trying learn on a longboard until about 5-10 years ago - we learned on bigger shortboards - like a wide, thick 6-8" or so for your size. From what I've seen learning on a longboard just makes paddling and standing up so easy that you never really learn to catch waves properly. it just postpones learning to ride an appropriate sized board for your size.

    I'd look for a 7 foot funshape. The first six months will be harder but within a year you'll be way ahead of where you'd be with the longboard.

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    i'm in the process of learning on a 6'2" rip curl michael andrews that i got off of a friend...

    it's been a bit of a pain