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    This Economy Gets Me Thinking

    So with how awful this economy is and the way things are going it seems now is better than ever! I graduated in 2010 with a bachelors degree in Business Management with a specialization in Marketing which has seem to do nothing for me! Currently I am juggling 2 mediocre jobs with nothing looking too promising. I have been to Puerto Rico 3 times and I have fallen in love with the place. I am thinking about saving up my funds and moving out for a little. I am looking to leave around late December early January and looking to hopefully save $5,000 or so and thats being optimistic. I was thinking Mayaguez, or Rincon. I am not looking to live anywhere special just to make my money last as long as possible. Here are my questions........
    1.) How long will $5,000.00 actually last me 2.) Where is a good place to stay/rent/live cheaply 3.) If possible are there any Jobs maybe to look into down there so I can stay longer 4.) Any good websites for looking at places to stay or jobs in Puerto Rico 5.)Lastly if I forgot anything let me know

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    5k lasted me 30 days with no steady income (southern california). Its now been like 55 days and my total expense is still 5k. I started working the 30th day i flew in to san diego and have gotten 2 - $1,000 paychecks since..

  3. Go.Travel. Leave the USA for anywhere else in the world. It will broaden your mind. You may come back a better person and appreciate all we have here. Although, if you choose Rincon It very Americanized year round but it might be a good buffer to ease into world travel. It does gets really good surf too. As far as 5K. That could last as long as you want it too... If your there for the surf and not the rock star life probably 3 months with no job and no partying but if you get a waiter/bartender job with a few drinks maybe 6 months or more. Steve Fitzpatrick, photographer moved there from Jersey 25 years ago and never left. But I reiterate 5K can last you as long as you want it too. In Indo you could live like a God with that for 3 months. My buddy Ian Battrick lived in Iceland (one of the most expensixe places in the world) in a van on oatmeal, coffee and water for 4 months and spent almost nothing! It's all relative my friend. Safe travels. Do it, now is your time in life. You will not regret it.

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    i think you could make that last you 3 months if you live tight.

    Figure you can get a place for 500 month? maybe.
    you could easily spend 500 on food a month and live well. (This is if you cook your own food and know where to shop)

    tickets to PR are cheap flew jet blue round trip for 200 from JFK.

    Learn to be resourceful and only live with your NEEDS and not wants. That is the hardest part for most people, but for surfers it seams to be a little easier.

    ps Generally when I was there if you eat at the local PR owned spots its cheaper then the gringo own shops. The americans charge you american prices.

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    I graduated with the same degree into the early-mid 90s recession and subsequent "jobless recovery" and I did something similar to your plans. Best move I ever made.

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    Do you speak spanish fluently? If not then you should definitely devote the next few months to studying the language. You will need to speak spanish if you want a decent chance at finding a job there.

    Like others said you can make your $ last there, just find a cheap place to live, cook your own food and dont spend on any unnecessary things. Dont forget the need for a car but you can buy a beater for cheap that will get the job done.

    Good luck man, Ive been to PR four times and if I could just pick up and move I would go there in a second. Plus, the food and women are awesome!

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    If Costa Rica is an option, Witch's Rock in Tamarindo is hiring... They need a restaurant manager. I just got the email and they are currently accepting resumes.

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    If you just want to travel and make the most of your money without working head to El Salvador. Get yourself to Playa el tunco near la libertad. you can stay nicely at La Guitarra for $250/month and food is cheap. Your on the beach with a killer break and many more close. If you get bored jump the bus and start a southward journey through central america you will always find other surfers to travel with. El tunco is a great starting point or place to just not leave. There are also other hostals cheaper than la guitarra but it is the best value, private room/bath, personal patio with hammock and right on beach. Good Luck.

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    I'd say go for it BUT I should point out that in this dismal job market, experience is everything and even 'mediocre' jobs are going to give you that. If you bail to surf for half a year, that blank time on your resume isn't going to impress anyone reviewing your qualifications. Just food for though.

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    Yeah bro, do it! I have met some long term travelers in central america and that is certainly the way to do it. If after a couple weeks I was in with the local crowd, imagine the lucrative situations that you could stumble into. Learn the language, as mentioned above, but also look for american run businesses down there. I met a guy from Jersey had been working at the Tamarindo best western for over a year with free room and board! The world is your oyster, my friend. Forget about the dead spot on your resume, travel is often respected and admired. The next time I'm between jobs my plan is to head south for a couple months and spend that unemployment in colones or pesos!