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    ............maybe some nice footage of Rincon, with sweeping S turns......, or some power turns at Sunset, ala Barry Kanaiaupuni style. Let' s see some footage again of Sammy Hawk,or Tom Stone driving with the power of the wave,..smooth, deliberate, driving action.---------Mark Healey, present day Hell man gets a vote too.

    Aloha, Randy

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    i will admit that the latest issue of surfing got me thinking about this...the "death of power surfing" article (& i use that term quite loosely) was prob. the most interesting thing they've put out in a while. but the thing that really pushed me over the edge was "the single life" clip on vimeo from the rusty surfboards blog...shot after shot after shot of guys riding single fin shortboards...legit, hp shortboards w/ only 1 fin...& all they did was drive down the line & bust an air, mixed w/ 1 or 2 weak @$$ turns.
    tom curren, taylor knox, tom carroll...i'll watch them all day long. my favorite surf movies growing up were "all down the line" & "searching for tom curren". it's a real pity that the respective companies responsible for those films haven't seen fit to re-release them on dvd. i can also stand watching kelly, as he's very well rounded & can just as easily put the board on rail as punt.

    i'm glad to know that i'm not alone, tho. i'll admit, i half expected to get completely flamed for starting this thread...

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    Aerial surfing is here to stay... like it or not. And it's not new, either. But clearly, it's been the emphasis of waveriding... some would even say the outright goal... for the current generation. Airs are now the measuring stick... if you're not surfing above the lip, you suck. Whether we like to watch it or not is another matter, but I don't see surfing as a spectator sport. To me it's not what it looks like that matters, it's how it feels. And usually, if it feels good, it looks good... but that's just an accidental byproduct of of the primary purpose of surfing... to do what feels good and allows you to express yourself.

    In that sense, I think we're all a lot alike. Whether we know it or not, our emotions come out in our surf sessions. Sometimes we're out there just to have fun, and it shows. Sometimes we're in a soulful mood, and it shows too. And sometimes we're out there to release some pent up aggression, and that sure as he11 shows, too. In fact, if you have a quiver, your mood is probably starting to surface when you go out to the garage and choose a board.

    There's only so much face on a wave. Great surfers exploit that potential to the fullest. Kelly has that magical ability to combine power, flow, and style in literally everything he does... turns and airs. That's the ideal combination of talent. He never seems to pass up an opportunity to do a turn in order to do an air, or visa versa. He just seems to do the right thing, at the right time. And if it's not, he makes it look like it is.

    But that's the difference between the new gen and a guy like Kelly... wait till these kids mature, and their ADD mellows out a little. You'll start to see these guys mixing it up a lot more, once they get over the fact that it's not ALL about airs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    i am honestly sick of watching surfers do air after air.....
    I have a solution: Surf with me. I promisie you won't see anything that resembles an air. I hope you aren't sick of 3 turns & a wipeout, though....cause I got plenty of that!

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    Don't forget Dane Kealoha.....

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    mags have to keep the kids buying 'surfer clothes and shoes' and shades that make ya look angry by putting someone busting air between ads. having been introduced to surfing in the 80s i love the power surfing but if we could do real airs we would. i see spastic failed attempts that folks say are airs all the time.i thought i could 'progress' to aerial surfing after 25 years of rail to rail and wound up getn good at bunny hops.needless to say i abandoned that chase right quick. watch some old occy or potter or kong or garcia.that to me is real surfing.and that jimmy slade guy too. good thread

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    Glad to see someone finally had the courage to say what a lot of us vets have been thinking for awhile. Thanks njsurfer42 you are not alone. I wonder if Martin Potter and those guys intended for it to turn into the aerial circus it has become...

    Long live power surfing.

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    hmmm Ever notice how almost every airbourne picture you'll see in a magazine focuses on the person with the wave mostly cropped out of the picture, as if the focus has completely shifted from the real subject of adoration to an egotisic individual.

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    Good point. It's like it's all about the glory hound, their image, and advertising..forget the wave!

  10. There's no reason to hate. Different surfers have different personalities and therefore surf differently. It would be boring if everyone surfed the same. Don't let the surf media's aerial-centric bias get you down. Stay Above the Weather!!