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    Proposed Sulfur Plant on the Crystal Coast! Local surfers need your help!

    I just learned about the proposed Sulfur processing facility that a Canadian owned company wants built on the waterfront in Morehead City. If built it will mean the entire area will reek of sulfur's rotten egg smell for miles in all directions. It also means more ships, more dredging, more pollution as well as the ever present risk of fire and explosions. This same company recently had a fire at their facility in Aurora, NC which injured 17 workers and was cited with dozens of violations. That facility has completely decimated the river fish population. This new facility, if built, it will completely change the entire Southern Outer Banks forever.

    We surfers know better than most how severe the effect can be from industrial pollution. Please join us by SAYING NO TO THE SULFUR PLANT! in an email to Governor Beverly Perdue ( ) and visiting the Clean County Coalition's website:
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