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    Longboard Skate Board Question

    Given the lack of summer swell I am looking for some other things to keep myself occupied.. What's a good longboard skateboard I could get for cruising? Nothing fancy or to expensive..

    Another side bar question.. How old is too old to cruise on a skate board lol.. I feel like I am quickly approaching that age where I should think twice about riding around town on a board... Other times I just think to myself who gives a F** I'm not bothering anyone.

    Thanks guys!!

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    no age is to old to longboard. if you want a simple cruzer you could use something like a sector nine. or for a "generic" board for cheap you could use something like this

    if you want to go more advanced a lil you could get a "Dregs" board hope this helped a lilttle bit

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    Well I know WRV here in VB had lost skates for $100 on sale, about $50 off retial. But if you want something to cross train your surfing with then get a Carver board, something like the Taylor KNox model. ITs the closest thing you can get to rail to rail carving on a skatebaord and a great crosstrainer. Probably the best "surfing" style crosstrainer on the market. THey run about $200 though, they create realistic carving and uses the same muscles you use in surfing to carve, which builds muscle memory, which helps you react quicker and surf stronger.

    If you are looking for cheap cruiser board GLOBE makes some now that are like $100. Sector 9 has some cheaper models as well for mini curisers.

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    longboard reco

    i'm on my second one of these from gravity board:

    the first one used to be my primary mode of transportation to work, to bars, etc. i loved the first one until it got stolen, and i promptly bought the second one and both have been great boards and well worth the somewhat steep price.

    as for the "am i too old to ride a skateboard" question, i'm 35 with two kids and ride my longboard to the corner store for bagels (sometimes with a 3 yr. old kid on the nose or with the dog trotting alongside me) and around the neighborhood. sure, people look at me funny, but i always think it's because they're jealous that they are guzzling gas in their SUV(s) while i'm carving turns and acting like a kid. like my dad always said, "**** 'em if they can't take a joke."

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    could get an original skateboards pintail, which has artwork from NJ local surf artist Jay Alders. fun cruiser i have one

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    Original makes some great boards. good construction, durable, and the trucks give a real surfy feel....I have a hybrid 35 model.....I also have a 6'6" bamboo classic hamboard that I use for cross step practice, they use the original trucks as well, with 97mm wheels...

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    So if you want to have some real fun you can shape your own board. I shaped my own a few years back and it's still the bees knees. Took some 3/4 inch ply board, drew the outline of the board (swallow tail) and nose. jigsaw the thing. align the truck and SHAZAM! you have your own custom built long board. my board is SUPER long about 4'5. I'll post some shots of it tonight.

    Oh AND you get to do your own graphics/ spray painting on the board. Total art project and you know you'll have a one of a kind.

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    Arbor makes some cool boards, I have a nice longboard/cruiser I got from 17th street last summer for around $170 - its smooth and fast, pretty fun to carve and play around on too. I don't think your ever too old to cruise on a longboard. I'm 26, have dreadlocks and own a business, and even my older friends and customers look at me like I'm a jackass all the time riding up to the store or just cruising around. Do what you want, when you want as long as your not intruding on someone else's rights! As long as your not waxing the steps to there porch and grinding down there handrails while urinating in there bushes, f**k em if they want to stare.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the insight guys! I am going to try and pick one up this weekend.

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    chose the board by the wheelbase that you want it to feel like. 34" WB feels like a 7'6" or so, the 22-24" WB feels like a 6'2" or something and 20" WB or shorter feels like a fish.

    edit: the Hypercarve 47" or Larry Bertlman 33" board from gravity are probably two of the best to start on
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