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    Surfing Video Game

    I know I\\'m probably going to get a lot of responses like go outside! or actually go surf. But I guess this summer lull is really getting to me. Are they ever going to make a new surfing video game again? The last one was in 2001 and I thought it was awesome! I know the market for surfing video games is super small, but when there\\'s no waves and its a crappy day sometimes ya gotta love getting that virtual barrel, at your favorite spot, with any of your favorite surfers and kickin it on the couch!

  2. I bought Transworld Surf for the xbox on the internet a while back and I still like to play it

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    ITs not for an xbox or game console but if you have an Ipod Touch or an iphone, Rip Curls game app "the search" is freaking great. I got it and was addicted to thing for like 3 weeks til I beat it, super fun and great waves around the world. Best thing is itsl like $4.00