Are Coffins (multiple bag bags) heat retardant? If I have a coffin in the back of my car and it heats up on the drive am I going to end up with wax all over the inside of the coffin?

Yes I know I can just get a board bag, but I'm not driving or surfing solo and if I have the option of owning 2 boardbags and eventually having to buy a coffin vs having one boardbag and one coffin - having 1bb and 1coffin makes sense... if the coffin is heat retardant.


Yeah I know I haven't put of shots of the "Rhino Chaser", new shortboard and handmade longboard(skateboard). Promise they're coming. I also have a board that I RE-laminated an entire sqft. it's been out in the water and held up. looks like a ugly duckling but who cares. I'll put a shot of the ugly one up as well.