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    nova scotia

    so two of my buddies and i are going to nova scotia for a month or so around the end of september through october. anyone have any idea what the air/water temps will be like and what kind of gear we should pack? obviously we've got a lot of the camping gear down but are questioning water temps and air temps around that time of year. also any insight on wave quality and consistency around that time?

    Edit: not looking for names of spots to surf or any name drops, just what to expect..already know of a few good spots just haven't been there this time of year
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    Dude that's going to kick so much *ss... I'm interested in this too, for some reason I've always wanted to make up trip up that way as well - definitely excited to see what others have to say

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    stoked for you guys!! wish i were able to go!

    nova scotia is chilly...3/2 & boots at the least, possibly gloves; maybe a 4/3. expect water in the 50's, i'd bet.

    if there are hurricanes churning up the atlantic, you should score...i wish i could be more specific, but i haven't been there, only seen footage & read articles.

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    I've only surfed the Southeast, so I can only tell you that along that stretch of coastline, the water temp changes quickly. I've surfed bareback with the water in the upper 60's one day, and needed a full suit with boots two days later. September and October are the warmest months for water temps. But it can go literally from the 60s to the 50s in the same week. Chances of surf are excellent, but like everywhere along the Northeast and New England coasts, it depends on storms.
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    Legit info posted already....3/2, boots, and gloves is a must.....bring the hood for wind.......and have the 4/3 set up if it gets good.....just to extend the session.

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    that place is a wave magnet during hurricane season. have fun and good luck

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    thanks for all your help guys. def gonna bring a few extra suits. trying to really score for a whole month!

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    Props on going north man. Hope you guys score.