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I cant stand surf videos that show guys on short boards making hard cutbacks and spraying off the top of a wave. I enjoy a video that conveys the serenity of the ocean and the smooth ride. Showing someone do an areal is boring seeing someone carve smooth turns through a wave is great. That being said I ride a long board and therefore would rather watch longboard surfing then shortboard. Also forget aggressive hardcore music. Watch 100m surf videos and then do the exact opposite of all them, you will have something original and unique.
The exact opposite of this^^

IMO a good video should include everything from shacks, cutbacks, reverts, airs, to throwing massive buckets. As well as smooth turning and good form with nature shots. Get some water shots too...duck dives, sealife..ect. Shortboards & Longboards...mix it up. This way you will have something to entertain all types of surfers. As far as music goes mix that up as well....mellow shyt as well as hardcore shyt. There isn't too much you can do that hasn't been done already. So, your originality will be tough.

Good luck