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    New Board Review (its flat what else you going to do)

    This is the Slop Rod by Tommy Moore. 5'-6" x 21-3/8" x 2 3/8". I have ridden the heck out this board board for a couple of weeks now whenever we have had any sort of wave thats actually rideable. I have surfed it in stmoach high fat faced surf to knee high peaks with shin high lines. THis board is ridiculously fun in slop! It catches waves so easily for how short it is but still performs. THe phot you see is the first R&D model where we used an experimental EPS blank. THe blank is super light and responsive but does not handle pressure dings well, all the EPS model SLop Rods will now be shaped using Marko EPS blanks. Check out "the brand new" photos and then the specifics below.

    slop rod by jblacks, on Flickr

    SLOP ROD PIC2 by jblacks, on Flickr

    Slop Rod is built off of Tommy Moore's Round Nose Fish rocker template with entry rocker lowered slighty. The nose is really full almost round, pulled in just enough to help preventing from being too bouyant up front or preventing it from being able to get on rail quickly. The deck is kept flat for floatation and stays full out to the rails but the rails are much lower than most full on grovelers like a Biscuit or Plank. THe bottom has decent amount of single conave starting amost immediately at the nose and running all the thru till it hits the fins then roll into a pretty good amount fo Vee. This board flies, the board is really wide but withthe Quad Controller fins I am using and the amount of vee in the tail with the lower rail this board is amazing. The tail has a bump wing about 12" up the rail from the tail and sort of a rounded diamond to help shorten the rail length even more to help this wide thing turn qucikly. I am catching waves so early that i can turn stuff thats not even hardly rideable on my Squatty/hybrid style shortboard (think Dumpster Diver) into a fun wave. THe EPS/Epoxy construction and the single concave creates lift and with the EPS bouyancy this board flies.,
    I came up with the overall outline and design conept of what i wantedd it to do and with Tommys east coast background knowing what kind of wave i need to be able to have fun on we came up with this. I had ridden a ...lost lank of a friend of mine's last summer and it caught waves so easy and was fun to ride but I wanted something that i could turn harder and go faster on with the same grovel abillity of a Plank. This is how the Slop Rod was born and its the best grovel board I have ever ridden, its a true groveler and compared to the others i have ridden the Biscuit, the Plank, The Fishcuit, The Motivator this board is the best of the bunch, I was able to pull a small snap off on an 8" wave face and still have enough speed to come out of the turn and continue skimming down the line. Anything waist high and under this is the baord i will ride from now on, this little board is unbelivable. I could ride it as a 5'-3 if I wanted, but honestly to get the best out of the board you need volume for catching waves early so I recommend you ride it 2" shorter than you are tall and at least 21" wide and you need the EPS/Epoxy construction for speed!
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