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    i'm a self employed overhead door mechanic, or in non professional terms garage door repairman. have a lot of time to surf, and sometimes try to do my jobs for a whole day 12/16 hours straight, and surf the next day or do whatever i want the other days. only work 20/25 hours a week, and that's fine for me. ideal, and i still make more than twice of what i made working for someone else 40/50 hours a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by super fish View Post
    i applied and took the written test. havent heard a thing since. learning the artificial language was a *****
    LOL, true that, bro. I remember a bunch of prior military guys taking the "Artificial Language" portion of the test in Washington. They were all purple and snapping their pencils in two as they walked out in a huff.

    It's like a combination of Greek, Russian and Martian.

    They're hiring again, and they send out a study packet and CD now....if you're still interested.

    Jimi, I got yer PM. I'll float ya some of those pix. Peace.....................

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    i think its funny a wanna be cop is asking this question to a bunch of surfers. and i quote what do yall do for a living. i think what you really wanna hear is nothing. we all tried to go to college once but it didnt work cuz we partied to hard and now we cant get a job cuz were fried on acid. so we live off our parents money, who think were in school, and moved to some small island in hopes of becoming just like kelly slater... no career no money just waves, dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidrock View Post
    Hey Jimi,

    good to hear from ya bro. I'm still in Tejas but I've been back and forth between here and Port Angeles, Washington. Hopefully I'll be offered a permanent move up there soon. Got some good surf near Westport, WA back in April while I was talking to a builder about my property. Almost as cold as an OBX winter, LOL.

    Did I ever send you any pix of those good days I caught in OCMD? If not, let me know. Fairly epic....

    Just got back from a month in Harper's Ferry (I know, I know) ha ha. Stay soulful, my brother.
    You are in good shape right there near Port Angeles. Enjoy

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    nj public school district music teacher,16 years in

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    11 hours from the beach
    career politician. VOTE FOR DADDY

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    Physician Recruiter. The market is tough right now, but can't beat a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere I have a cell signal and an internet connection. I was a remodeling contractor from when I graduated from NCSU in 2001 up until 2008. If construction would ever pick back up I would jump back into contracting in a heartbeat. I hate sitting at desks in the AC, but you do what you gotta do to pay the bills

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Physician Recruiter.
    Do you recruit Physican Assistants as well? My sister is about to finish PA school and is probably gonna look at many places for work.

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    Accountant for school district with intent to move up, many vacation days and "holidays" and schedule works for a mini (about a hour and a half) dawn patrol and plenty of time after work (except in the winter). Im hoping in the future most of the job will be done from home, I wouldnt be surprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    nj public school district music teacher,16 years in
    you people are the best
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