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    Graphic design and marketing, own the firm, but still don't get to surf as much as I would like. Do have an account in Florida, sometimes get to surf on business trips.

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    work in hotels right now, but am in the final stages of qualifications for United States Coast Guard

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    Teacher, too... no work & no waves... Lucky for me I am into bikes and roads & trails are always there.

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    The real Jersey Shore

    Wink Sleep to surf and surf to... uhh surf?

    I run a mattress store in monmouth county NJ. Its actually pretty chill I get to work asstastic hours but go in late and come out late so I can surf all morning. it pays good money too for being 24. We sell memory foam beds the are GREEN!!!!! They are made of mostly tree seed oils instead of petroleum and the covers are made of silt which is a wood pulp fiber! Plus I get to hook up all the people i surf with and friends soooo cheap when they come in or call... I get to watch surf vids when were slow and check the report all day and even go shred for a bit when its worth it to come back. ... I def agree it was a good idea to post this thread, its important to realize that we all come from different places and jobs....

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i lifeguard at a camp for june and july then i go to school. but ill be in school finishing up my senior year while taking the basic paramedic class to start my paramedic career early.

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    Carpentry, Excavation, Architectural CAD-Design

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    obviously in the minority here...

    I'm obviously in the minority here (what else is new) but I kinda don't want to know what people on this board do for a living. If I wanted to know that, I'd PM the guy or get together for a few beers.

    I just like reading the rants, raves & the opinions. I prefer the opinions to be unqualified by 'what you do for a living.'
    f u c k that's so DC & NY
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    under the pier
    i do porn , the hours are great , basically surf when i want, on a side note someone needs to create a surfing game for ps3 and xbox . anybody know how to program i got the ideas

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    do porn? yea right in your dreams.

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    is anyone a doctor? i'm going into my freshman year of college and i'm pre-med. at northwestern. i know its not exactly the most conducive for riding waves but somebody tell me i can make it work.