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    I tend bar in Oc Md from May til Nov. Then tend bar in Pr from Dec-May

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    I work as an engineer, and I do have a decent amount of time to surf. The last company I worked for was really demanding, but on some fun swells I just plain walked out of my office early just to go to the beach, and just made the time up the next day. Most guys there did that anyway to run some errands, pick up kids from school, etc., so I figured my case was no different. Just like any job, you can find an office that's located on the beach and you can surf almost everyday. What's hard about that is you will end up falling in love with the convenient situation, and you may pass up better career opportunities because you're afraid that they will take you away from the ocean.

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    Work as an EMI Engineering Tech.

    (In my garage I'm working on an electromagnetic emitter aka “shark repellant” that will ward off sharks and install on my board - ) Seriously though, I've always been drawn to the ocean and marine life. Used to scuba dive but it's been a while. Lived inland for about 8 years and almost went crazy but moved back closer to shore and glad I did!

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    PKI Engineer. If I'm lucky I could be considered a weekend warrior but not since my two year old was born.

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    Geographer for Homeland Security and Semi professional Ultimate Frisbee player... though it isn't a job (even though we have sponsors) I probably spend just as much time preparing for Ultimate as I do at my "real job". The geographer job has wacky hours for 10-14 days in a row but then I get a week off to travel, surf, dork around. Can't complain.

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    I'm expanding the paid search arm of an internet marketing firm in eatontown.

    This place sucks. Anyone need marketing analytics?

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    I am a project manager at a petroleum chemical company. I spent the last 5 years working in diesel engine development and applications at 2 different OEM's. I have a mechanical engineering degree and only started surfing after I moved from the coast. I would give my left nut to move back to Charleston, SC or some nice coastal town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuono View Post
    Lived inland for about 8 years and almost went crazy but moved back closer to shore and glad I did!
    8 years?!? i tried living inland for 1 before i lost my ****!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goofy footer View Post

    I have poke fun @ you on this one, you're just afraid if some woman finds out what you do she'll want you to buy her a house .................
    LOL ! You nailed me...good one, G-Man ! (you're right...already did that one time, ain't lookin' to repeat my dumb behavior!)

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    Beer delivery. Keeps me in shape.