I appreciate the responses. I guess a little of my confusion comes from the who has the peak vs who's standing up first rule. I felt I had the peak but he was obviously up first. But since he was already standing on account of his choice of watercraft does standing first count? Also when he caught the left shoulder and went right, I'm not sure if he was really riding the wave or still paddling(since he was able to keep up with the speed of the wave, initially, with the paddle). I'm not an aggro surfer and I have two kids who I'm trying to raise the right way with courtesy and respect ect.... (especially with my 9 yr old grom). Having said all this I don't paddle out to watch other people surf, we all want a wave, I just don't want to get cracked in the head(I have had my fair share of stitches) or get tangled up and then get into a heated argument about the technicalities of peak vs standing first.